Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Baby bonus

So Dr Charlotte Beaumont on All Saints is blubbering about how no one respects her medical opinion since she became pregnant and that she is clearly on the outer as regards career opportunities at the All Saints emergency department.

Well BOO HOO! Should have stayed a lonely, barren, stereotypical television lesbian, Charlotte.

Anyone remember when Charlotte was a lesbian? I do, although the transition to noice, normal, baby-having straight doctor has been done almost without a mention you'd be forgiven for forgetting.


At least as a stereotypical television lesbian all Charlotte would have had to worry about was either dying lonely and unfulfilled, or descending into psychosis and murdering her partner. Yes, as a television lesbian, the possibilities are twofold endless.

And yes, I am aware that staying a lesbian wouldn't have precluded pregnancy for Charlotte. But as a pregnant television lesbian I'm afraid to say she and her baby would have been dead certs for some kind of horrific life-ending tragedy.

end rant .... for now


Georg said...

Too bloody right. And just after the wonderful PC Lance Powell was murdered on TEH Bill. That makes 4 gay characters on the Bill to have gone out in a bang. So to speak. Oh, and if you count the wonderful bisexual leather-clad Juliet, that's five.

Ahem. Lost myself for a bit there.

Sam said...

Too high expectations of AS, perhaps?

Never forget, this show will go down in history as the definitive Georgie Parker vehicle. Besides maybe those Zoot commercials.

comicstriphero said...

Too high expectations of AS, perhaps?

Fine, point out the obvious flaws in my plan to live through my TV. See if I care.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I'm so old I can remember when Peter Phelps was beautiful.