Monday, August 21, 2006

So what would you do?

You walk into the tea-room at work (and by 'tea-room' I mean converted broom cupboard with a sink and a microwave in it) to find a colleague busy washing up his mug and happily letting rip a massively trumpet-y fart (and by 'trumpet-y fart' I mean a very high-pitched 'brrrrrrrrrrrrrrt').

Said colleague then turns and sees you, pauses for a second, and then turns back to continue mug-washing without batting an eye-lid.

No one should be able to cope with office-based embarassment that easily!

I wanted him to wither and stutter out some lame excuse ('er, it was the pipes', or similar).

But he just walked off, leaving me there to decide whether or not to walk into the fart-laden air of the tea-room (smelling other people's farts makes me feel dirty).

I decided to put off having my coffee for a little while.

I'm sure this colleague would be happy that I now think of him as 'fart-man'.


Georg said...

I think he did the right thing. Pretend it didn't happen. And even if he thought you heard it he thought he was trying to give you the 'what the f**k do I care if you heard me fart' line. I would do the same thing. As you and the Lovely Wife well know...a small car containing five people after a big night out anyone?

Zoe said...

That man is a hero! I sincerely hope that you drop a good one near him sometime soon, and smile conspiratorially.

Anonymous said...

zoe you made me laugh

i love a good conspiratorial smile

weasel said...

Is fart-man at all like Bart-man?

comicstriphero said...

I can't believe the level of willingness you all display to subject your fellow human beings to the fetid air from your colon.

As for you georg, you'll be lucky if you ever get in our car again after that performance. It was so thick!

Georg said...

And I'm training my son well. His are even worse!