Saturday, August 05, 2006


So, let me see here, former Olympic athlete doesn’t look quite as ridiculously buff as he did 2 years ago for the Olympics, which, coincidentally saw him grind his way through months of all-day elite fitness training… SURPRISE.

Quick! Let’s put it on the front page!

I really hate the Herald sometimes.


Player1 said...

Crikey had this story last Friday:

5. Is Thorpie fit or fat? Fairfax is confused

By Glenn Dyer

Just what is happening at the Fairfax newspaper group? Today's major front page story in The Sydney Morning Herald claims that swimmer Ian Thorpe is "getting fat", and is supported by photographic evidence (below left)( with the caption: "Flabby... Thorpe in Los Angeles last month, showing the effects of a less disciplined lifestyle".

But wait. Last Sunday, in a front page and page 13 spread, Fairfax's Sun-Herald published an almost identical photo of Thorpe taken at the same place (above right)( alongside a story on how much Thorpe is enjoying his time in Hollywood – and reported that the swimming star hasn't abandoned the pool and as "exclusive Sun-Herald photographs" reveal, "his famed physique is still impressive – perhaps more so than ever".

Fit or fat? Who is right? (Who cares?).

Anonymous said...

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