Monday, August 28, 2006

Do you feel the same, or am I only dreaming?

So when did Idol become a simulcast with Mix FM?

It’s not?

Then why did all the contestants sing 'the best from the 70s, 80s and 90s'?

Seriously, Eurythmics? Whitney Houston? Queen?


I mean, if you heard that on the radio, you’d switch over, right? (Except, I guess, on those drunken trips home in the back of a taxi, in which case you’d sing along…) So why choose those songs for teh idol?

And also, any contestant that makes the little telephone hand-sign thingo (you know, the “call me” hand-sign – thumb to the ear, pinky to the mouth) when Andrew G is reading out their vote-line number is GUARANTEED not to get my vote.

that I would vote. But those that do the hand-sign, double-guaranteed never to get my vote.

Further, looks like we haven’t learnt anything from previous seasons of Idol (ie, those who dictate history education through poxy ‘history summits’ ignore history are doomed to repeat it):

Marty Worrell 2:

Courtney Murphy 2:

Shannon Noll 2 (ok, with a Guinness chaser):

Looks a bit like he’s been hit in the back of the head with a 2x4…

Tarni Stephens 2:

Note to Tarni 2: wearing a sleeveless, strapless top for a head and shoulders photo shoot makes you look nude.

And yes, I intend to continue watching.


TLA said...

Also? A word to Tarni Stephens 2: probably not a good idea to let your baby sister loose on your face with her Barbie Pastel Princess (TM) makeup kit.


TLA said...

Oh, and sorry for the double post, but Shannon Noll 2, if you want to have any success in teh moozik biz, you'll probably want to get those teeth looked at. Sharpish.

Unless you're Shane MacGowan or John Lydon, in which case you're okay for a while at least until you either a) drink yourself into oblivion, or b) wise up and brush your teeth occasionally.

Again, sorry for the double post.

Galaxy said...

And will another God botherer win? When that Jon Bon Jovi look-alike, Dean, praised the Lord, his saviour, I had less than holy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

just for you uninformed informations. the person who you are insulting claiming them to be tarni stephens is infact Lyndelle Palmer not Tarni!!! ;-D