Saturday, August 19, 2006

Here's to my new chum

No, that's not it.

No, not quite.

Here he is!

Cheers little fellah!

PS - I am aware this is the blogging equivalent of an 'in-joke'. Cope.


Anonymous said...

in joke or not - it made me laugh

and cry

just a bit


comicstriphero said...

ya big sook.

weasel said...

you an auntie??

TLA said...

That's a fine-looking otter there.

I mean - baby.

A fine-looking baby.

The product of two fine people.

comicstriphero said...

Weasel - I am an auntie, but not on account of this wee fellah.

weasel said...

Oh well it was a good guess I thought.

So I decided I'm going to our HSR...

comicstriphero said...

So I decided I'm going to our HSR...

Good for you. I thought you were going to be overseas?

I can't wait for the event to pass so I no longer have to have the possibility of going swimming around in the back of my mind.