Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Looking after number one

PROGRAM Australian Idol
EPISODE Final 10: Number Ones.
DATE 24 September
TIME 7.30pm
DESCRIPTION The 10 most talented singers in the country will take to the Australian Idol stage, and step up and sing for their once-in-a-lifetime chance at becoming a recording superstar. Hosted by Andrew G and James Mathison. Tonight's theme: Number One's.

Coupla things:
1) "10 most talented singers in the country"?

I don't need to come up with any jokes of my own if the Ten Network program listing writers keep coming up with this gold.

2) "Tonight's theme: Number One's"

Massive snigger!

Not too keen on the superfluous apostrophe, but willing to overlook it in anticipation of the laughs I'm gonna get on Sunday night when I hear "number ones" over and over again.

With this theme, the producers obviously think that they'll be able to force the idols to pick something popular/tasteful, but I don't think they've counted on the propensity for Australians to send absolute rubbish to the top of the charts.

Let's peruse a sample list of previous number ones (guffaw!):

Get outta my dreams and into my car - Billy Ocean

A groovy kind of love - Phil Collins

When will I be famous - Bros

Nice choice for the group performance, dontcha think?

All that she wants - Ace of Base

(Ooh Aah) Just a little bit - Gina G

Tucker's daughter - Ian Moss

Right here waiting - Richard Marx
Oh no, wait. Someone already sang that. And got booted!

I rest my case.


TLA said...

It would make my year if the producers of this tripe would have a "Number Twos" theme.

Just once.

For all of us h8ers.

grundnorm said...

Don't you mean "Number Two's"?

weasel said...

None of 'When Will I Be Famous', '(Ooh Aah)Just a Little Bit' or 'Tucker's Daughter' made number one in Australia actually. Admittedly the first two were probably British number ones, but I don't think Ian Moss charted there!

Source: ARIA

Someone should do 'Touch Me (I Want Your Body)' though...

comicstriphero said...

But my source was ARIA too!!!

weasel said...

Errr... no. Google those song titles and 'ARIA chart position'.

I am 100% sure here.

comicstriphero said...

Ah, yeah, it was my source.

But, whatever makes you feel good.

weasel said...

As listed where pray tell?

comicstriphero said...


Have a think about how this makes you look.

And, just for the heck of it, ARIA was my source!