Friday, September 08, 2006

Stingray Shot through the heart! And you're to blame...

One thing I've noticed over the past couple of days, what with all the "aussie icons" carking it "doing what they loved", is that tributes only ever "pour in".

Seriously, it's always "tributes are pouring in for Steve Brock Irwin who died today, triggering a bajillion Australians to email the story to all their friends, with the subject line: 'Crikey!'".

You never hear "tributes are trickling in for insert cadaver's name here" or "a modest number of tributes have come in for former human".

And if tributes "pour in", where or what are they pouring into? The bottomless pit of sensationalist tabloid news? The gaping void of my yawning mouth?

I've really started to get the irrates with the way people have been getting so distraught about the deaths of celebrities who they've never even met, let alone formed a meaningful, two way relationship with.

You just wait until the tacky-renaming-of-things-in-honour-of-Steve-Irwin begins.

The Steve Irwin Maternity Ward anyone?

I promise you, these things are already being proposed with government, and my suggestion is not too far off.


cristy said...

Nothing would surprise me at this point. They've all gone mad. Why do people get so obsessed about people who they have never actually met? It just baffles me.

weasel said...

Anyone else reckon they'll start referring to 'stingray' as scott (I think that's the character's actual name) from now on??

Pavlov's Cat said...

It's projection, Cristy. I don't know why some of the people at Larvatus Prodeo (all blokes, interestingly) get so crazed by the very word 'psychoanalysis' when it has provided so many useful explanations for human behaviour.

CSH, your excellent point about where the tributes pour into was one that occurred to me last night when the local Channel 9 tottie reading the "news" inevitably said it. She has a very long association with 9 in Adelaide and it was clear to me that what she thought she meant was 'pouring in to Channel 9.' Sad.

tigtog said...

Over at Bolta's place, one RWDB accused lefties of hating Irwin because he was a successful businessman and a conservationist-but-definitely-not-a-greenie, 'cos greenies-are-closet-socialists, and his proof of this was that allegedly there were no lefties leaving "tribute" comments at the special Hun page they set up for doing so.

(a) how would he know the political leanings of any of the tribute posters?
(b) what does posting a tribute to a newspaper site have to do with liking or hating a dead person?
(c) did he bother to go and check out a more left-leaning newspaper and see how many people had posted tributes at their Irwin memorial page?
(d) how is posting a tribute to a newspaper site considered some sort of "correct" response anyway?

Adam said...

I'd be surprisingly okay with a clean slating of all Australian Celebrities.

Dr Franklin J Miller said...

I've known an awful lot of celebrities in my time and Steven was up there. He was a fine man.

comicstriphero said...

(d) how is posting a tribute to a newspaper site considered some sort of "correct" response anyway?

I think you're onto something there tigtog. One must manifest a socially acceptable emotional reaction to this or be damned!

As my whole reaction has been along the lines of "meh", I have been reluctant to join in any conversations lest I be hounded as the heartless unAustralian I am.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I'd like to add that what peeves/amuses me the most is that everyone apparently died 'doing what they loved best'.

what, living?