Sunday, September 03, 2006

Think about it

There's been some knickers knotting over the inclusion of Osama Bin Laden in the list of people Jack Thomas is forbidden to contact.

The way I see it, leave Bin Laden off the list.

The CIA, FBI and US Army have scoured the planet trying to find him, only to come up with a big fat zero.

But it seems the Australian Government thinks that Jack Thomas knows where he is.

So why not permit Thomas to contact Bin Laden, and just follow him there?

It'd be a bit of a coup, really.


Georg said...

Effing genius.

TLA said...

Couldn't agree more - it was the first thing I thought when I heard on the news that he wasn't allowed to contact OBL, and when I heard that his wife went to school with OBL's wife or something! Unless they don't actually think that he knows OBL or has any idea where he is . . . but I'm just being a Negative Nelly again, I'm sure.

In any case, so far in the last couple of weeks I've discovered two new careers for myself:

1) spook
2) script-writer of appalling hollywood fillums (having not seen Snakes on a Motherfvcking Plane, I managed to pick the denouement with my first guess)

Anonymous said...

If Jack could contact some of the members on the list that are dead, he could host an awesome Crossing Over special.