Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Last Saturday

Well here we go, only 5 days later and I've managed to get myself together enough to upload my MG parade photos.

I reckon they speak for themselves most of the time but I will note they are mainly from the marshalling areas during the hours upon hours of tedious pre-parade wait.

My photos from the actual parade turned out 100% blurry (probably because I was waving my arms around like a maniac) and make me a bit sea-sick to look at, so I won't inflict them on you.

You get all those kinds of shots on the news and in the papers anyway. So hopefully these photos will provide a glimpse of what you mightn't otherwise see.

But before we get to all that, let me just note there was a bit of pre-ride excitement.

Guess whose bike broke down the night before the big day? Yes! It was me, cleverpants. How did you know?

Lousy hunk of junk! Stupid piece o' crap!

Actually, no, I love my bike. But come on!!! The night before? Sunuvvabeyotch.

So anyway, 3 hours of traipsing up and down to the garage lugging tools, in the 35 degree heat, skinning my knuckles on cylinder heads pretending to know how to fix bikes, swearing like a real dyke and I'd gotten nowhere. Eff.

Plan B involved me wedging myself on the back of the LovelyWife's scooter. Which, on the face of it, sounds fine, doesn't it?

Well, I ride a big beefy bike in a big beefy manner and have even ridden on a race track. So under normal circumstances, I reckon I'm not a complete girly. But eff me dead if I didn't squeal like a woman when I got on the back of the LovelyWife's scooter for the first time! I just couldn't overcome the instinctive feeling that if I didn't put my feet down when we stopped, we'd fall over. And you just can't put your feet down as a pillion.

White knuckles a-plenty.

Oh, and if you are looking for a thrill, look no further than riding a scooter on the freeway - ringing the nuts off it at 110km/h and being tailgated by B-Doubles. Could be considered an adrenalin sport, I guess.

But the LovelyWife was a real trooper and I owe her a zillion for giving me a dink!

I did miss out on deafening the crowd with my very excitingly loud and sexy engine revving, but it still an awesome evening. Some people in the crowd even yelled out that they loved the scooter the best.

Which I can now totally understand.

But anyway, on with the photos. Dial-up? Get a coffee.

Cops everywhere this year.

At least they helped jump-start a few broken-down bikes

Shit. Me too.

Her shirt says 'Proud Nan'


shula said...


Gunna go oneday.

I am.

LaLa said...

Fab photos. I especially love the Proud Nan.