Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Technically speaking, I don't think this really counts as an 'outing'

Ok, so maybe now I’ll stop getting a zillion hits on this blog from google searches for 'Anthony+Callea+gay'...

“SYDNEY eye in the sky Vic Lorusso has seemingly outed Anthony Callea on radio -not that there's anything wrong with that. He mentioned meeting Callea while discussing an old school mate on The Edge's brekkie show yesterday. "You wouldn't know him. He's a nice guy but his partner, which is Anthony Callea, didn't want to know anything about anybody," he told host Christo. When Christo questioned the comment, Lorusso quickly continued with the traffic report. A spokeswoman for the show claimed Lorusso had not been taking a pot shot at Callea: "Vic had no idea that it wasn't common knowledge.”

That last line is pretty much the most hilarious thing I've heard so far this year.


grundnorm said...


Anonymous said...

Don't know if he is or isn't and don't particularly care but what I find funny is that in this day and age anyone should consider someome's sexuality 'newsworthy'.

shula said...

So, like, where are the shots from last weekend?!

Anonymous said...

Who cares. The main thing is, he is a great singer, writer and performer

Anonymous said...

people can get effed
he isnt gay
and why?
because i happen to know a good friend of his!!


a man who has dated girls cannot change just like that...

get over it & anthony its about time u find out
who ur true fans are & do something about all those
freaks on that forum of yours

LaLa said...


I did not know Anthony had so many... fans.

Anonymous said...


Steven said...

yeah its cool that anthony callea is gay, his fans love him for who he!!!!

GAY,BI or STRAIGHT... we are all the same..

love ya callea xoxoxo

Erin from Perth said...

Erin here.

We all know he is gay but who cares.

i dont!!

love you all

Sam said...

Who cares if Anthony Callea is gay?

Umm...Obviously Anthony Callea cares, since he's on record flatly denying he is (i.e. lying about it).

It would be nice to pretend it doesn't matter but let's not be naive - clearly it does.

comicstriphero said...

So I'm guessing you are all the people who have googled 'Anthony+Callea+gay'....?

Seems that you do all care.

TLA said...

Shee-it, csh.

That's quite a response from the vapid Callea fans who clearly spend every waking moment repeatedly googling so that they can leap to his defence whenever and wherever an opportunity arises.

Take a frickin' chill pill, people.

CalleaFanForLife said...

No-one had to Google anything and I didn't realise Vic Lorusso had gone from "TRAFFIC REPORTER" (yeah thats right,this is all his claim to fame is) was now a CURRENT AFFAIRS reporter...OH he's not you say, he was just gossiping like a girl while doing the Traffic Report, about one of his "friends" on a Radio morning programme that barely makes the ratings, as anyone would do (NOT). All a bit too convienent Vic and The Edge, makes for some good Free publicity which all these blogs are so freely giving you, mission accomplished!!! Don't worry about splashing a wonderful young mans name across the papers and the internet.
See the reason we didn't have to search for this, was because it was published in the paper and made the National Google alert news.
Who really cares anyway, Anthony is a wonderful talented artist with the voice of an angel. He doesn't owe a statement to anyone, everyone has a right to privacy like anyone,it's his private life and that's what it should remain private, he is a beautiful polite person and doesn't have a bad word to say about anyone.
He doesn't pretend to be anyone but Anthony Callea singer/songwriter.

Anonymous said...

Hey ComicStripHero,

Just to inform you, we DID NOT search Anthony+Callea+gay. We just happened to find your poke at Anthony. And I'd like to say; it's people like you that make the media seem so much insignificant than they already are.

From a concerned celeb-onlooker.

comicstriphero said...

Look here Callea fans - whatever!

Some people ARE doing that google search - I have a stats function which tells me this. So ner.

And they have been doing that search for ages. Not just lately.

Also, you're all so VERY defensive about this but I can't find a negative comment about Callea anywhere on my blog. Really.

All I ever comment about is his thinly disguised homosexuality. Is this what you are concerned about?

If so, one can't help but conclude that youse all interpret homosexuality as a bad thing per se.

In which case, get your dirty homophobic eyeballs off my blog and piss off back to myspazz.

Anonymous said...

Love you Anth, Dont listen to all the Crap out there!!!!!!!!!
You have heaps of crazy fans on your forum I am one of them and proud of it!!!!!!!Love ya Anth!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Listen Up People to me it looks like you people who think Anthony Callea is GAY dont have anything better to do besides sit here and put one of the most amazing Australian Singer/Song writer down , shame on you people .

Anthony is one of the most down to earth famous people just because he dress's nice and has good taste in clothes doesnt mean his gay for god sake leave the poor guy alone im sick and tired of hearing this day in and day out.

Leave Him Alone if his family,friends,co-workers ect and of corse his fans love him then thats all there is to it , on the other hand you people who dislike him for god knows what f..... reason are seriously nuts if you dont have anything better to do then try and find something to do besides making up s... about one of the Amazing Singers in Australia.

And Anthony no matter what you will have your family,friends,co-workers and your loving fans besides your side no matter what and im seriously proud of you :) your one top guy remember that :)

Anonymous said...

you people saying he isn't gay are really.. i dunno thick.
i myself am a huge fan, buh why does it matter? GET OVER IT and STOP DEFENDING HIM! HES A GROWN MAN HE CAN DEAL WITH IT HIMSELF!

(&& im a big fann of dis blog =) )