Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tell us about a time when you bored yourself to tears

I had a job interview today.

Not much to report there, but of more interest to me was the dire predictability of my brain in pouring out anxiety-dream after anxiety-dream the night before.

So, in the one night, my brain turned out the following:

  1. I look at the clock and have 2 hours until my interview, then in a matter of seconds, I actually only have 2 minutes to my interview and I'm not showered or dressed, and for some reason I'm in Sydney, 3 hours from my interview.
  2. Then, rushing to do the 3-hour drive to Canberra, my motorbike won't start - someone has loosened the spark plugs. I search for my spark plug tool only to find it missing from my tool box. Once I get the bike fixed, I can't find my helmet.
  3. I go to retrieve my suit and ironed shirt (pre-prepared interview outfit) from my locker at work, only to find it has been stolen by my high-school enemy (WTF?!).
  4. I somehow get my suit back and go to get changed, only to find the changeroom has suddenly transformed into the Bangkok floating market and there is nowhere private to get changed.
  5. I manage to get changed but then can't get to the interview room - It is in a newly constructed building which has no lift and no stairs.
Thanks very much brain. As if I didn't have enough to worry about - now I'm very concerned I have the world's most boring subconscious.

Although, with these kinds of bland stereotypes and predictable denouements floating around upstairs, I might just be in line for a script-writer's gig with Neighbours (boom-tish!).


Mick said...

Did you watch Pizza last night? Is that where you got the floating market imagery from?

Or just a freaky coincidence?

shula said...

I have dreams like this every night.

Only it's daytime, and I'm AWAKE.

Actually, mostly I can't tell the difference anyway.

I'm glad to hear you're going for the new job though.

Mindy said...

Good luck with the job. I hope it provides good blog fodder as well, but in a good way for you.

Anonymous said...

jolly amusing dream csh

JahTeh said...

Bangkok, I was just over the way in Vietnam, we could have met halfway for a meal. Mine was one weird dream and I've never been to Vietnam but I know it was the place.

C D M said...

I am so thankful that my brain decides to treat my dreams like parliamentary cabinet records ... secret for 30 years!

There are just some things that you shouldn't try to understand at the time they happen!


Anonymous said...

did not notice the subject title before - top marks for the subject title!

had a job interview of sorts last week myself - set the meter to full nutter

should ensure there is no need to pack up another work station