Thursday, March 01, 2007

Random office stuff

To the impatient freak who continues to ruin my printing job – instead of rifling through the pages as the printer spits them out, trying to find your document, why not wait until it has finished printing?

That way, you don’t stuff up the collating process or dog-ear the pages of my document, which I will now have to re-print. If the printer is in the middle of printing my document, I think it is rather unlikely that it will suddenly start printing yours without first finishing mine, don’t you? Freak.

To the impatient freak who saw me walking towards the kitchen with my mug and a tea-bag and then decided to run towards the kitchen to get the tap before me – get a life! Freak.

Also - conversation heard from over the partition, regarding Oscar red-carpet pictures:

Colleague 1: Portia de Rossi looks nice.

Colleague 2: What’s she doing there, has she been in any films lately?

Colleague 1: Well, no but I guess she’s there as Ellen’s date…

Colleague 2: Ellen’s date?

Colleague 1: Yes. Ellen’s date.

Colleague 2: You mean, date date?

Colleague 1: Uh-huh.


Colleague 2: Why…what…why would she be Ellen’s date?

Colleague 1: Well, maybe because they are an ‘item’?

Colleague 2: Really? I didn’t know that……really?


Colleague 2: But have you seen her in Arrested Development? She’s really good in that.
So there you have it.

Good performance in sitcom = no way can you be gay!


Anonymous said...

so you had to wait in line to use the kitchen tap?

waiting is for suckers!

hey! who is that lining up in the kitchen?

only the kitchen loser, that's all

shula said...

must be hard,

working behind enemy lines, the way you do...

But I didn't know Portia and Ellen were an item.

See why I have to visit your blog?